About Us

Our Mission

We’re Jeff and Bri, co-founders of RunLoveRun. 

We started this running and coaching community together to share our passion and love for running with you. We are committed to giving you the individual attention you need to reach your maximum potential. Whether you already love running, or even think you hate running, we are the coaches for you. And if you have doubts about your ability to achieve your goals, this is the community for you. With RunLoveRun, you will surpass your goals surrounded by people who want to see you succeed!

Where We Started

Neither of us fell in love with running on our first run…or second, or third. Our running story began when Jeff started his weight loss journey in 2015. Through running (walking first), he reached his goal of losing 200+ lbs and completed the Buffalo Marathon. What happened next? Jeff fell in love with running. He loved running so much that it was infectious, and he got me to start running with him. 

Early on, I was not running’s biggest fan. I would gripe and moan when he would ask me to go for a run with him. I know you’ve all been there. But through training and learning how to set goals for myself, I started to enjoy running, and have since fallen in love with the process.

Where We Are Now

We are both living and loving life in North Eastern Pennsylvania, surrounded by beautiful scenery and diverse running terrain.

Jeff is currently training for the Hainesport 12 hour endurance event in Hainesport, NJ in October.  He also has some other exciting running goals in the works, so stay tuned for those! When Jeff is not running, he is working with our RunLoveRun athletes to help them reach and exceed their goals. Jeff has the determination and an unparalleled passion to help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.

I am currently training for the 5 Mile Beach half marathon in November, as well as the Two Rivers Marathon in March. I am also a member of the RADRabbit 2023-2024 running team. When I’m not running I love snowboarding, reading, and any adventure that involves a good coffee!